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Sightseeing, recreational boat trip down the river Nemunas

Those who want to get know unique landscape of Minor Lithuania, are invited to boat trip along the river Nemunas.

Leaving on the other side of river Nemunas settled Tilsit town and famous Queen Louise Bridge, You will start the trip from pier of Panemunė and go toward Bitėnai. During the trip, by listening the legends, stories and myths, You will return to the past time, in which Nemunas was the main source of livelihood for here lived skalvians and its waters being shipped merchants and later the Teutonic ships. Approaching Bitėnai, You will have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view of the lower Nemunas: Ragainė bends, boundless meadows of Panemunė. From far away to You will wave pines of Rambynas mound and to visit this land invites white storks. Arrived in Bitėnai You can visit Martynas Jankus Museum and paintings garden of Minor Lithuania, Bitėnai white stork, pantheon of Minor Lithuania - Bitėnai cemetery, Visitors’ Centre of  Rambynas Regional Park. Also You can go on foot by the old Rambynas bard - Martynas Jankus, wisdom paths to Rambynas mound, where over the centuries, smolder the sacred fire.

Most popular routes in 2014

  • Rambyno kalnas – Panemunė – Rambyno kalnas Duration ~2 hours
  • Rambyno kalnas – Jūros ir Nemuno upių santaka - Rambyno kalnas Duration ~4 hours

Ticket prices:

  • Ticket for adults and children till 11 years - 20 Lt
  • Ticket for schoolchildren from 3-11 years - 10 Lt
  • Children till 3 years for free
  • 1 hour ship rent - 250,00 Lt

IMPORTANT. Persons wishing to sail the boat must have a personal identity document: valid identity card or passport (driver's license and other documents are not suitable !!!). Children and persons under the age of 16 - birth certificate. They must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

More information
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Rowing or canoeing by rivers Jūra and Nemunas

Adults and children, who are longing for active sport, recreation and natural, untouched nature, are offering of canoe trips down the river’s Nemunas and Jūra. Jūra – one of the most beautiful rivers in Lithuania is characterized by a deep valley of the revue. It is therefore perfectly suited for experienced tourists and lovers of water. The most beautiful canoe quays are located on picturesque banks of the River Jūra. There are water tourism equipment rental facilities in Vilkyškiai and Mociškiai.

The proposed routes through Jūra und Nemunas river’s:

  • Tauragė - Braziūnai - Mociškiai - Šereiklaukis. The length of the route - 35 km. The duration of the journey - 2 / 3 days.
  • BraziūnaI - Mociškiai - Šereiklaukis. The length of the route - 23 km. The duration of the journey - 2 days.
  • Šereiklaukis (Jūra) - Nemunas – Rambynas. The length of the route - 14.5 km. The duration of the journey - 1 day.
  • Boating through the Šešuvė and Jūra rivers. The length of the route - 40 km. The duration of the journey - 2 / 3 days.

More information:

By ,,Lavirga" Phone +370 441 55 111, Mob. +370 655 21 111 lavirga@gmail.lt www.baidares.lietuvoje.net

By ,,Agrūnė" Phone/Fax +370 441 55 367, +370 652 90 229 baidare@turizmas.lt www.agrune.lt


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